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Kobelco Hydraulic Pump Coupler

Fits Model
Part Number
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K903C, K903-2, SK70SR, SK80CS, SK80CS-1E, SK80MSR, SK80MSR-1E
SK60-3, SK60-4, SK60-5, 75SR
Hydraulic Pump Coupler

K904-2, SK100, SK100-3
Hydraulic Pump Coupler

SK100-4, SK115DZ-4, SK115SRDZ, SK115SRDZ-1E,
SK120-3, SK120-4, SK120-5, SK120LC-3, SK120LC-4,
SK120LC-5, SK120LC-1S, SK120SR, SK120LC, SK120LC-1S
SK130-4, SK130LC, SK130LC-4, SK135SR,
SK135SRLC, SK135SR-1E, SK150LC-3, SK150LC-4,
SK160LC, SK160LC-4, ED180, ED190LC, K905A, K905-2
Hydraulic Pump Coupler

K907C, K907CLC, K907D, K907-2, K907LC-2,
K935, MD180LC, MD200BLC, MD200C,
SK200-3, SK200-4. SK200-5, SK200-6,
SK200LC-3, SK200LC-4, SK200LC-5, SK200LC-6,
SK210-4, SK210LC-4, SK235SR, SK235SRLC, SK235SRLC-1E
Hydraulic Pump Coupler

215SRLC, 235SR-2, 235SRLC-2,
SK250LC, SK250LC-6E
Hydraulic Pump Coupler

K909LC-2, MD240C, SK220-3, SK220LC-3, SK220-4
SK220LC-4, SK270LC-4, SK290LC, SK290LC-6E, SK330LC
Hydraulic Pump Coupler

SK300-3, SK300LC-3, SK300-4, SK300LC-4,
SK330-4, SK330LC-4, SK330LC-6E, SK350-8
Hydraulic Pump Coupler

SK480LC, SK480LC-6E
Hydraulic Pump Coupler

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